Local Event Resources

In order to ensure a high quality competition and for the respect of our supporters, juries, advisors and participants, we listed some important matters to follow for local pitching events. Have a look below.


Key criterias for the venue are:

  • Accessible area. For organizers, juries and participants of the competition (i.e. easy reachable with public transportation), think green!
  • Select an appropriate venue. Think about theaters, auditoriums and/or conference halls. But look at intimacy and creating a close atmosphere rather than a huge venue, which will never be filled up. Look for a venue that’s wide rather than deep, with the shortest possible distance from audience members to the stage. This creates a connection between the speaker and the audience, and among the audience members. Or check out the cool co-working spaces around you that sometimes have amazing venues with a great entrepreneurial vibe!
  • Avoid ballrooms. The flat orientation makes it difficult to see, and the high ceilings and bright lights make it hard to create atmosphere.
  • Inform the owners of venue. The owner must be aware of the competition and of the arrival of participants. The venue must be available the afternoon before the event day for preparation and material testing.
  • Look for venues with built-in infrastructure. University, corporate and municipal auditoriums tend to work best. The venue should have:
    • Capacity of room: 100 seated people with a presentation area
    • Ability to project and view video
    • Wi-Fi or internet plug
    • Furniture: 60-80 chairs to seat participants and staff and one desk/table for the jury
    • Location for food and beverage setup
    • Conveniently located bathrooms
    • Party space for sponsor lunches and other events


The event lasts one day. The exact date will be communicated at the latest 2 months before the local event takes place.

Below an example of agenda:

10:15 Arrival / Networking
10:45 SSW Introduction speech
11:00 1st Pitching session
13:00 Lunch / Networking
15:00 2nd Pitching session
17:00 Jury Deliberation / Networking
18:00 Announcement of the winner / Interview
18:15 Cocktail Reception

Regional Jury

Regional Jury is composed of 5 people:

  • 1 team member of Seedstars World
  • 1 regional partner
  • 1 regional successful entrepreneur
  • 2 regional investors (VC, Business Angel or Private Investor)

Members of the jury must attend the whole pitching event.

Regional Sponsors

Regional sponsors have the possibility to support local events. The offered visibility includes:

  • Networking & logo visibility during breaks during the event day
  • Logo on screen during introduction and conclusion.
  • Logo on the local page of seedstarsworld.com 

Sponsors can support the event:

  • In kind: venue, coffee, lunch, multimedia, cocktail, photographer, dinner, etc. 
  • In cash: a minimum of USD 2’000 can be paid in cash to Seedstars World directly.

Some rules edicted by Seedstars World for the sponsors:

  • Unacceptable sponsors: Under no conditions will Seedstars World allow companies or organizations who deal in the following to sponsor regional events:
    • Weapons/ammunition
    • Tobacco/cigarettes
    • Adult-oriented products/services
  • Editorial control: Sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over the participants or the program.
  • No sponsored participants: No one can pay to be chosen as a participant; startups are chosen by Seedstars World only.


  • Participants include two people from each startup. Only one will present.
  • The CEO/applicant will receive all information by e-mail from the Seedstars World team.
  • The presentation to be used during the pitch (PowerPoint or video) must be sent at latest 24 hours before the local event.


Guests (non-participants) are allowed (limitation according to venue capacity). Guests will have to be announced by participants or organisers before the local event.


Planning the handling of multimedia for the pitching presentations will make the program go smoother. 

  • Storing presentations: All presentations will be loaded onto one or two house computers, rather than participants’ laptops. This ensures compatibility, and helps to speed transitions between participants. If the speakers feel they need to use their own systems, they will be asked to make time for a test run before the event takes place. Participants with video contents, will be asked to bring all cables and adapters needed for video output. They should bring a backup presentation on a flash drive or usb key.
  • Playing video-slides: Video should be run from the house computer. All videos must be tested in advance.
  • Using microphones: Seedstars World participants will use a microphone. It is preferable if the venue is equipped with necessary material for microphones. Seedstars World will designate a stagehand to help each speaker adjust his or her microphone, if needed.

Stage design

  • Dark backdrop: For regional event without professional stage design resources, the simplest way to create an elegant stage is by hanging a black (or dark-colored) curtain.
  • Absence of clutter: Clutter – power cables, multiple laptops, projection rigs – distracts the eye. The audience must be able to maintain full attention to the pitch and participants.
  • Easy entrance and exit: It must be easy for the onstage participants. Offer a simple way to get on and off of the stage. No need for a green room – all live participants should enter the stage from the audience. This approach saves time and makes transitions smoother.
  • Layered lighting: Flat lighting will make even the most exciting pitching performance dull to look at. Even if the venue only has fluorescent lights, the “lecture hall” look can be avoided by borrowing floor lamps from home and placing them at the foot of the stage.
  • Well-placed screen: Projection or video screen will be placed where the audience won’t have to turn their heads to see it – but also where it won’t interfere with the live speaker.

For any question about the organisation of the regional event, please contact directly info (at) seedstarsworld.com


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