This is Seedstars World.
And this is how we do it.

Please read this section carefully as it contains important information regarding the competition.

How it works


Only pre-selected startup (invitation only) can apply. Applications will close one week before the event.

Pitching events

Pitching dates will be confirmed and announced on our blog and Facebook page before the event.
Regional winners will be announced immediately after the pitches, during the event.

Final Event

The winner of each regional event will be invited to Switzerland to represent his startup and country.
It's an amazing chance to meet with European investors, expand your business and connect with other great founders.
On top of an equity investment for the Final Winner, we will have a lot of cool prizes for all the regional winners.

Why participate as a startup ?

Equity investment : Worldwide winning startup receives an equity investment of up to USD 500'000. Regional winners meet and get exposure to VCs and Business Angels all over the world.

Media coverage : Selected startups which attend the Regional Event receive regional media coverage. Regional winners receive international media coverage during the Final Event.

Worldwide prestige : Regional winners represent their countries during the worldwide Final Event in front of a worldwide jury and international media. The winning startup receives the prestigious denomination of Seedstars World Best Startup.

Partnerships : During events, startups meet with potential partners. International visibility gives access to potential partnerships (with suppliers, B2B customers, peer companies or potential acquirers).

Time investment

2 days for the Local Event + 7 days if you are selected for the Final Event (includes: online application, preparing for pitching event, coaching, traveling and attending the events).


You must be prepared to talk about your startup in public. Pitch and application documents must be in English or you must provide a translator. The startup can be across any field, but must be for profit. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


Maximum 2 years since founding date

2 years

Maximum USD 0.5m funding

USD 0.5m

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


1 presenter

6 min. pitch

4 min. Q&A

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