At SSW @ Lift, 50% of The content is Shaped by The Audience. Call for Proposition is Now Open!

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Because we want to give you what you need, join us and tell us what you'd like to learn more about at the conference this year by choosing from a variety of topics such as finance, new economies, the internet of things, emerging markets and more.

Step One: Pick a Format

You can chose from a variety of formats to address different needs and energy levels at various moments of the day:

- Brainstorm and create in Workshops

- Debate controversial hot topics on Panel Discussions or more informal get-togethers

- Listen and get inspired in Master Classes

- Something completely different (called "Extravaganza" in the submission form)

All break-outs are designed to stimulate interaction between participants with shared interests and offer great opportunities for meaningful connections. Also, for SSW15 we ask break-out organizers to document the results and key take-aways in a short article, to allow everyone to follow-up on the ideas later on.

Step Two: Pick a Track

We’ve created your way easier at the event. A track last typically 1 or 2 days and allows you to participate in a variety of formats regarding an specific theme. 

New Time

  • Decelerators and digital detox
  • What’s with smart watches?
  • From location-based to time-based: the role of time in objects and in the city
  • Beyond real-time
  • How media and entertainment care and compete for the ultimate resource: our time
  • Real long term thinking

New Money

  • Saving the banks: where and how to innovate retail banking?
  • Bringing back the smiles: new personal, emotional finance through new apps and new models such as crowdfunding, -lending and -investing.
  • New currencies and their impact: Bitcoin and beyond
  • Build new trust or go bust: where do Swiss banks go after the end of the banking secret?
  • Insuring the future: insurance as the native business model of both the internet of things and the sharing economy?
  • Incubators, incubators and more incubators? The future of startup financing.
  • Accelerating acceleration: the next generation of tools, models and playbooks in trading, investing and wealth management
  • Prototyping “Finance 2.0” 

New Trust

  • Trust in the internet of things
  • How to handle your data - let’s create a simple manifesto
  • Encryption solutions for newbies or concerned citizens
  • New business models for environments where ad-based revenues are not working anymore

New Perceptions

  • Fresh ideas and cool method discovery
  • Workshops with intriguing approaches
  • Fostering change and new behaviours
  • Wearables

New Plans

  • Innovation models for cities, regions, countries
  • Make innovation happen: from ideas to product
  • From hobby to lobby: let’s get involved in innovation policy
  • Next Switzerland - alpine futures
  • Next Europe

New Economies

  • Perspectives and innovation ecosystems beyond Silicon Valley
  • How start-ups and large companies can really collaborate in the long run
  • Emerging start-up scenes and their rising stars
  • Informal economy/moonlighting (employee-employer relations)

New Science

  • Cloud labs, crowdfunding research, open data
  • Space technologies powering innovation on earth
  • Neuro/brain/neurotechnology
  • Design + Science
  • Digital humanities, know your history: learn from the past


Lift wouldn't be Lift without a touch of fun, serendipidity and surprising activities ;) 

Lift15 will offer a special track for people who want to get a mix of everything and break-out of their usual day-to-day topics to get new ideas and meet people they wouldn't normally meet.

Step Three: let's do it! CLICK HERE to submit your ideas now!

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